Reservation and hotel stay FAQs

Do you have non-smoking/smoking rooms?
All guestrooms are non-smoking rooms.
Can I share a bed with my child?
Children aged x or younger are welcome to share a bed with a parent free of charge.
Can I pay by credit card or electronic money?
The hotel accepts payments by Diners, Amex, JCB, Visa, UC, UFJ Nicos, DC, Master, Saison, Aeon, JAL and other credit cards. E-moneys accepted are debit cards, Edy and iD.
Can I pay in advance?
Please contact the hotel for details. Advance payments can be made by bank transfer, or by visiting the hotel in person (paying by cash or credit card).
Are there cancellation charges?
The following cancellation charges apply:
- Non-arrival without notification: 100% of room rate
- Cancellation notified on the day of expected arrival: 80% of room rate
- Cancellation notified on the day before the expected arrival: 20% of room rate
Can you put me on a waiting list for when a room becomes available?
The hotel regrets it does not keep a waiting list. Please check back by telephone or other methods for room availability.
Do you allow early check-in or late check-out?
Check-in and check-out times can be extended hourly, and are charged at 1,000 yen (w/o tax) per additional hour.
If you check out at or after 15:00, you will be charged the room rate for an extra night.


Do you have restaurant?
The on-site café restaurant Lavender is on the first floor.
The breakfast buffet includes Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes.
Lunch and dinner are also served in the spacious and tranquil café space.
Do you serve breakfast?
Breakfast buffet is served in the hotel's café restaurant Lavender. The sumptuous buffet spread includes Western and Chinese dishes, as well as regional and other Japanese cuisine featuring seasonal flavors.
Hours: 6:30 to 10:00
Price: Adult 1,200 yen (w/o tax). Free admission to children aged 5 or younger.
Does the restaurant accept reservations?
Reservations are welcome.
Please contact the front desk on 077-567-0606
Can I eat restaurant food in my room?
Guests are kindly requested not to take restaurant food to their rooms.

Public area and guest rooms

Do the rooms have Internet connection?
Free Wi-Fi and wired LAN connection are available in all guest rooms for use with guest devices.
The hotel does not rent personal computers to guests.
There are coin-operated Internet terminals in the lobby, as well as free Wi-Fi.
What in-room amenities do you provide?
In-room amenities include bath towel, face towel, bath mat, 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, body wash, razor, hair dryer, and pajamas. Hair brushes are available from the front desk upon request.
What items are available for guest use other than in-room amenities?
The hotel regrets it does not have a public/common bath.
We can refer you to public baths nearby if you wish. Please inquire.
Do you have on-site parking?
Yes, we do. Please inquire beforehand if you require parking space.
Please also contact the hotel beforehand if your vehicle is a truck, or has a height of 2 m or more.
Parking a regular vehicle from check-in to check-out costs 800 yen (w/o tax).
When on-site parking spaces are full, guests are referred to an affiliated parking lot a short distance (3-minute walk) away.
All parking spaces are subject to availability.
Do you have a large public/common bath on the premises?
The hotel regrets it does not have a public/common bath.
We can refer you to public baths nearby if you wish. Please inquire.

Other questions

Do you have a loyalty program?
We have a loyalty program wherein members can earn reward points on hotel purchases, which can be redeemed for future hotel purchases. Please ask for details at the front desk.
Do you have a curfew?
No. Guests are free to leave and arrive at any time, and the front desk is staffed 24/7.
Is there a convenience store nearby?
There is a Family Mart within short (under 3 minutes) walking distance.
Do you have room service (in-room dining)?
The hotel regrets it does not offer in-room dining.
Do you have laundry service?
Yes, we do. Please bring your laundry to the front desk before 9:45 AM for it to be ready by 19:00 PM the same day.
There is no laundry service on Sundays or Japanese public holidays, or during Golden Week, the year-end and New Year periods, or the Bon Festival.
The hotel also has coin-operated washer-dryers for guest use.
Can I send luggage/parcels from the hotel?
Yes, you can. However, the hotel cannot receive luggage/parcels containing perishable, breakable or valuable items.
Please send your luggage/parcel to the following address stating your reservation name (the name of the person staying), check-in date and time:
Urban Hotel Kusatsu
1-4-31 Oji, Kusatsu City, Shiga 525-0032
Can I send luggage/parcels from the hotel?
Yes, the hotel can arrange luggage/parcel delivery services (by Yamato TA-Q-BIN unless otherwise specified), both prepaid and collect.
Can I send/receive fax messages?
Yes, please ask at the front desk. A fee is required for sending a fax message. Fax messages can be received free of charge.
Can I bring my pet?
The hotel cannot accommodate pets, but can refer you to a nearby pet hotel with drop-off and pick-up services. Please refer to the website below.
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