Urban Hotel Minami kusatsu | Just outside the West Exit of JR Minami kusatsu Station.

Call for Reservation/Inquiries TEL:+81-77-561-0606

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Ideal location for both business and sightseeing in Shiga and the Lake Biwa area

The Urban Hotel Kusatsu is about 17 minutes by train from Kyoto.
Kyoto is situated on the Golden Route of places of historical importance in
Japan like Tokyo, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Nagoya and Osaka.

Hikone Castle / Joraku-ji Temple

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Urban Hotel Minami kusatsu

1-1-5 Minami kusatsu, Kusatsu,
Shiga 525-0050
TEL +81-77-561-0606
FAX +81-77-561-8611

Getting Here

Getting Here

Sightseeing Nearby

  • Chikubu-shima Island

    Chikubu-shima Island

    From the hotelAbout 90 min by car and boat

    Found in the northern end of Lake Biwa, this small island is home to Hogon-ji Temple. It is popular as a spiritually enlightening place.

  • Hikone Castle

    Hikone Castle

    From the hotelAbout 65 min by train

    Built by the Ii Clan, this castle is surrounded by moats and the castle town that retains histric atmosphere.

  • Saimyo-ji Temple

    Saimyo-ji Temple

    From the hotelAbout 50 min by car

    One of the three most prominent temples on the eastern side of Lake Biwa, the temple is a beautiful place to enjoy the autumnal foliage in fall.

  • Arashiyama


    From the hotelAbout 40 min by car

    The cluster of Buddhist temples on Mt. Hiei that has a history going back to the Heian period (over 1200 years).

  • Michigan Cruise

    Michigan Cruise

    From the hotelAbout 20 min by car

    This ship offers views of Lake Biwa and the surrounding shores, which is very gracious.

  • Joraku-ji Temple

    Joraku-ji Temple

    From the hotelAbout 25 min by car

    One of the three most prominent temples on the southern side of Lake Biwa, the main hall and 3-tier pagoda are designated National Treasures of Japan.