Business Development

Business Development

We are seeking information about the land and real estate where the Urban Hotel Group can operate a hotel.

Urban Hotel System Co., Ltd. operates hotels in the Kyoto and Shiga areas, and is planning to open new hotels in Tokyo.
To further develop our businesses, we invite information about land that needs to be used effectively.

Outline of the sites sought for development

In Tokyo Metropolis, Kyoto City
Scale (Area, Number of rooms)
700 m3 (100 to 150 rooms)
Business types desired for hotel operation
[Methods to effectively use land or real estate]
①The landowner constructs a building according to the specifications of Urban Hotel System Co., Ltd., which will rent the building as a tenant (for 20 years or more).
②Urban Hotel System Co., Ltd. rents the land using a fixed term lease for business use (for 30 years or more), and constructs the building.
③Urban Hotel System Co., Ltd. operates the hotel as the company entrusted with its operation.
※ In principle, we examine the feasibility of business type ①.  However, we strive to meet the requests for various business types.
About history
Recruiting opening staff


Feel free to consult us on how to use your land effectively.

Urban Hotel System Co., Ltd.
Business development section

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