Privacy Policy

Placing priority on building trust, we will implement and maintain the personal information protection policy as shown below to comply with laws and regulations and other rules regarding the protection of personal information and to ensure appropriate use and management of personal information.

Basic Stance

To implement this policy, we will establish internal rules and systems regarding the handling of personal information and anonymously processed information (hereinafter referred to as “private information, etc.), and make the policy well known among the persons working for our company (executive officers, employees, contract employees, part-time employees, dispatched employees, etc.) and relevant parties, such as subcontractors. We will make efforts to maintain and improve the policy to ensure its appropriate implementation.

Appropriate Management

(1) We will strive to maintain private information, etc. as accurate and new as possible within the range required to achieve the purpose of use.
(2) We will implement appropriate safety control measures and necessary corrective actions to prevent loss, leakage, destruction, falsification and other inappropriate use of personal information, etc.

Disclosure of the Purpose of Use

(1) We will obtain personal information, etc. by legitimate and fair means. The purpose of use of personal information, etc. and other necessary information will be disclosed when such information is obtained, or will be posted on our website.
(2) When indirectly obtaining personal information, etc., we will publicly announce the purpose of use of personal information, etc. and other necessary information on our website or other means.

Adherence to the Purpose of Use

(1) We will use personal information, etc. in accordance with an appropriate procedure within the range of the purpose of use.
(2) When using personal information,  etc. beyond the range of the purpose of use, we will notify users in advance to confirm their consent.

Provision to Third Parties

We may provide personal information, etc. in accordance with a procedure specified by relevant laws and regulations, and other rules, to our group companies and partners.

Supervision of subcontractors

When we entrust subcontractors with  handling of personal information, etc., we will exercise appropriate supervision  to ensure safe management of personal information, etc.

Disclosure, Correction, and Other Processing of Retained Personal Data

We will promptly respond to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and other processing concerning retained personal data after confirming that the requesting party is the person to whom the personal data relates.

Advertisement Using Cookies

We may use cookies in our website. A cookie is a small information file that is sent between a website and a user’s computer. We use cookies only to store information that is useful when a user later revisits the website maintained by our group and to help the user use the website conveniently. If a user does not want information collected through the use of cookies, the user can deny the cookie feature through the browser settings. In that case, however, some services may not be available.