Member's Card

Members’ Rewards

For your convenience, points can be earned and used at more facilities than before.

※ Effective for one year from your last use of the card

Stay and earn points with the Urban Hotel Point Card

The Urban Hotel Point Card is issued for card members to use at all hotels of the Urban Hotel group. In addition to valuable rewards, various services are offered to make your stay more convenient and comfortable.

Valuable rewards and services


Earn 6 points for every 100 yen!

Make a reservation by phone, or online through our official website ( using your PC or smartphone, to earn 6 points for every 100 yen of the total of your accommodation fee.

(Example) Accommodation fee: JPY 8,000 = 480 points earned

※ Some fees other than the room charge may not be counted towards points.
※ You can earn points for only one room on one member card.

For reservations through hotel reservation websites other than our official website and through travel agencies, 150 points are earned for a one-night stay regardless of the total charges.

You can receive cash back using 1,000 or more points.
If you have 1,000 points, you can exchange them for 500 yen cash.
Every time your points reach the required level, you can receive cash back on the spot to use as you wish.

Your points can be exchanged to a reward other than cash¾the points of other programs of your choice.


Reward for staying!! Mineral water comes as a present.

Present your point card and receive one bottle of the exclusive mineral water of Urban Hotel each night.


Exclusive stay packages for card members

Exclusive for reservations through our official website!
For Urban Hotel Point Card members who have registered as a member of our official website, we offer special valuable packages.


5% discount at restaurants and souvenir shops

Present your point card at payment to receive a 5% discount. Any other discount tickets cannot be used at the same time. (The discount is not available during breakfast time at our restaurants.)

Discount available (with the presentation of a members’ card) at the following locations:

Urban Hotel Kyoto "1st floor: Tea Lounge and Bar Lavender
Souvenir Shop"
Urban Hotel Kyoto-Nijo Premium "1st floor: Café Restaurant Lavender
Souvenir Shop"
Urban Hotel Kusatsu "1st floor: Café Restaurant Lavender
2nd floor: Souvenir Shop"
Urban Hotel Minami Kusatsu "2nd floor: Café Restaurant Lavender
3rd floor: Souvenir Shop "

Check-out time extended to noon free of charge

Make a reservation before your stay date and extend the check-out time to noon free of charge. If your stay package specifies its own check-out time, the extension service is not applicable.


Check-in is a breeze!

・At check-in, you only need to sign the registration card.
・Use your members’ card as your room key.

※ Only at Urban Hotel Minami Kusatsu and Urban Hotel Kyoto-Nijo


Information delivery service

Information regarding special campaigns or value stay packages will be sent to your registered email address.