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Japanese-inspired contemporary hotel located in a town packed with visitor attractions

Located in a town with inexhaustible seasonal delights that grow more irresistible with each repeated visit,
Urban Hotel Kyoto-Nijo Premium welcomes guests with rooms designed for maximum comfort and peace after a busy day.

Reasons for choosing Urban Hotel Kyoto-Nijo Premium Urban Hotel Kyoto-Nijo Premium

Public bath Spa
The ultimate in relaxation

Unwind your body and mind in our large public bath.
The public bath comprises Kaede-yu, which has a hot water bath, a sauna, and a cold water bath; and Sakura-yu, which features a relaxing "silk (air bubble) bath."

Guest rooms Guest Room
Rooms conveying the ambience of ancient Kyoto

Featuring a décor combining indirect lighting and wood details, the rooms imparts the ambience of the ancient capital Kyoto.
Simmons beds promise quality sleep.

Breakfast buffet Breakfast
Start your day with a fantastic range of freshly prepared breakfast dishes.

Our sumptuous breakfast buffet incorporates both Western cuisine and local Kyoto home cooking.

Recommended Packages

Freshly prepared breakfast buffet deal

Kamogawa Takashi fully matured Omi beef dinner deal

Hotel voucher deal (valid for future stays)

Body aromatherapy massage and Jill Stuart toiletry deal

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Overhaul of our official website and introduction of new reservation system
Urban Hotel Kyoto-Shijo Premium is set to open in 2019.
Urban Hotel Kyoto-Gojo Premium is set to open in 2020.
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