Community Hall

A space for intimate gatherings

Our community hall is a multipurpose venue available for office parties,
reunions, private parties, workshops and lectures.

Sample layout

Conference layout

Conference layout

Sstand-up reception layout

Sit-down dinner layout

User guide

Outline and standard prices

Venue Size Capacity Standard price (two hours) Price per additional hour
Salvia 114㎡ 50persons 14,000yen (w/o tax) 7,000yen (w/o tax)
Cattleya 64㎡ 30persons 8,000yen (w/o tax) 4,000yen (w/o tax)
Cosmos 50㎡ 20persons 8,000yen (w/o tax) 4,000yen (w/o tax)

Venue hire prices

Venue a.m.(9:00~12:00) p.m.(13:00~17:00) all day(9:00~17:00)
Salvia 21,000yen (w/o tax) 21,000yen (w/o tax) 36,000yen (w/o tax)
Cattleya 12,000yen (w/o tax) 12,000yen (w/o tax) 21,000yen (w/o tax)
Cosmos 12,000yen (w/o tax) 12,000yen (w/o tax) 21,000yen (w/o tax)

Equipment, decoration and additional services

Equipment Overhead projector (displays A4-size sheets); screen (free-standing, H1320 ×W1760 mm); VCR player (player only, VHS tapes only); TV monitor (available in 21" and 29''); TV stand (for 21" to 29" TVs);  stage (900 ×1800× H300 mm); folding screen (600 × 6 × H2100 mm); podium (450 × 900 × H1200 mm); plant stand; hanging sign (900 × 3600 mm); wireless amplifier (portable, with one microphone); microphone stand; CD karaoke machine (630 tunes, with two microphones); synthesizer karaoke system (2000 tunes, with two microphones); laptop PC; laser pointer; lavalier microphone, tuner and transmitter
Decoration and additional services Waitstaff (120 minutes); photography (minimum 20 pictures); floral table arrangement; floral vase arrangement; floral floor arrangement; bonsai; floral bouquet
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